View Full Version : AC Rogue Consistant FPS Drops and Lags. Never had this issue with the game before

02-27-2017, 06:02 PM
I've always been able to run the game on max settings, and lately, the game hasn't been running well at all. There are consist ant FPS drops and lags.

I tied restarting my laptop, same issue. I reinstalled the game, it worked great the night of the reinstalling, but today, same thing. I changed the settings on the NVIDIA Control Panel, worked at first, and then the same thing happened, I then realized that I didn't have much space free in my disk, so I cleared it up, it worked at first, but the next day, same issue. I then tried moving the game from one disk to another, and again, same problem. I'm running out of ideas.

Has anyone else faced this same issue?

I have an Nvidia 860M graphics card, 16GBs ram, Intel i7 3.2GHz speed.