View Full Version : PC plagued with AFKers in Dominion vs AI

Ghost Ookami
02-27-2017, 12:10 PM
I posted this a few days ago on reddit but it might get seen by Ubi here better, idk.

Right now if you go into a dominion vs AI match you will more than likely run into 1 or more afkers running in circles. This is ridiculous. It completely ruins the match. They are just sitting there farming XP and Steel freely without any problems while they go to bed or whatever. I havnt noticed this that much on peak times but at around 3am-9am EST they are everywhere. Its virtually impossible to not run into them. I have been reporting every one as griefing but i would like ubisoft to weigh in here on this.
And easy way to fix it would be to just patch the game so if a player doesnt score any points within 1-3 minutes of being in the game they are auto kicked for being afk, that way they cant just run in circles. Or just have the game realize they are making zero attacks at anything which results in a kick. Multiple offences could lead to a soft ban etc.