View Full Version : Guard Hack is becoming a serious issue

02-27-2017, 06:07 AM
I have been seeing and reporting and have sent in footage of these noobs using guard hacks and they are still on our servers playing our game... I am starting to feel like this will become "The Division" all over again, and that sucks badly for all of us who love this game but honestly I refuse to continue dumping my time and money in to a company that refuses to address the serious issues that are effecting literally every game they bring out.

Trust me, I realize that my little rant alone probably means nothing to them but as I said, I have documented proof and have reported these players several times and sent in my live footage of there guards literally following my guard with instant precision in under 0.1 ms, counters guard breaks, best piece of footage I have is me doing a plunging attack from above and this noob PK stopping it with a guard break instead of him dying... Like wtf? And still they haven't gotten the ban hammer... Why?

Please pull together guys and start documenting this **** and FORCE these lazy dev's to do there damn job, otherwise I promise you I won't be the only player to leave this company for good.