View Full Version : Release hotfixes NOW, why wait?

02-27-2017, 05:32 AM
We know the Shugoki can glitch two free large hits in one, we know the Nobushi has an unbreakable guard stance bug, we know the GB punishes the player who uses their a half-second BEFORE the enemy... Why not fix them? Push a small patch. I don't care about map visuals, animation cutscenes, gear releases, steel reward counts, any of that. Just push gameplay fixes, so we don't have to wait a month for simple bugs that turn the tide of battle.

Nobody needs to get paid overtime.
You don't need to hire new people.
It's not going to cost you anything.
It's not going to interrupt your current work.

There is no reason to let us know you are aware of faulty gameplay and make us sit on our thumbs waiting for it to be solved.

Push a light patch.
Manage your game.