View Full Version : Something has to be done about matchmaking

02-27-2017, 12:46 AM
I'm just here to announce a few things about PvP/PvE and the matchmaking for this game. I know it's a new game and all but I just need to be heard. First things first, LOVE! The game. Highly addicted. Already a rep 6, 108 nobushi and the game hasn't even been out for 2 weeks yet. However there's some BIG! Flaws in matchmaking. For one, the disconnects. ESPECIALLY!!! On PVP, you get that one rage quitter who doesn't like how his stats are for a current game in process. What does he do? He quits the game and the connection screws up completely furthermore disconnecting EVERYONE! From the game. You get no kill points, no XP for what was going on, nothing.

Let alone its hard enough for people without champion status, (which I have) to level as fast as people who have it. Yes it reconnects to the next best host but a GREAT MAJORITY! Of the time it doesn't. Now I'm left with a wasted 5-10 minute match and received nothing for it. You guys are releasing quite a few games between each other in this passed year which I can surely understand is another reason for this issue, but I would HIGHLY! Recommend fixing this matchmaking situation for this game. Most of the time I'm left playing bots because why try to find a match when 99.9% of the time the whole game is gonna time out over some individual who can't handle losing.

Now another Flaw for PvP matchmaking... rank. I do love getting a kick out of completely demolishing new players but there should be some kind of matchmaking that allows you to be placed in a server based on your overall performance of the game. Either that or a different form of "ranked match" option instead of everything being compacted into one lobby. This would minimize the amount of people who quit a game. I sincerely hope things like this get fixed for I see this game quickly losing hype if it doesn't. Again, big fan of Ubisoft and LOVE! Them game.