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02-27-2017, 12:44 AM
Lately I've struggled using her after initially winning fairly often in duels. It feels like she simply doesn't do enough damage considering her speed. I can hit an Orochi with a heavy and get cut by his light attacks and be down still. Her guard break range is frustratingly inconsistent it feels like, it feels short and their are times where I swear the shield made contact but no guard break came. Her jab range is short considering she has a huge spear and her best aspects aren't doing damage such as her knock downs. I even have mixed up how I heavy someone, I'll guard break and start my zone attack, cancel before the second swing, guardbreak again and land another heavy to try and maximize my damage output. Only to get hit by one heavy from an Orochi or Nobushi and they took off more in just the one hit. I'm trying to do the dodge block bleed but the timing is so precise that the learning curve on it is brutal especially with faster characters. Even if I don't even try and bleed and just dodge to block the timing required might be the most precise move I'v tried in this game.

It just feels as though the effort you have to use to even compete with her in a duel isn't worth the damage she puts out. For someone with a big spear her damage should be at least on par with Nobushi just without the constant bleed attacks. Or make her defensive abilities more forgiving like everyone elses. DOes anyone have any tips on how to maximize her damage right now?

02-27-2017, 12:47 AM
Hi agentpoop - I believe this thread would benefit more in the combat/strategy subforums so I'll move it there :D

02-27-2017, 10:39 AM
You are right. Her DMG is ****ing low and the bleed counter is not worth the risk (about 30-35 bleed dmg? Heavy does about 25). I only use it against the kensei sidestep attack (dont know the name) because i feel the animation window is bigger.

Atm, she's one of the weakest heroes in the game..

Get good at parrying. I harrass my enemys with sidesteps + hit, jump attack and wait for their attacks.. Parry + Heavy + shield crush (u can always perform this move after a heavy attack) + sweep + heavy + shieldcrush. Just do on with this combo until they realize they can dodge the sweep.. If ur enemy knows ur sweep will come and dodge, mix it up with some hunter's strikes or pounting thrusts after shield crush.

If he's not agressive use heavy cancel in shield crush directly.