View Full Version : Green NAT, 200mbps Fibre connection and ZERO finished games after 1 hour

02-26-2017, 11:53 PM
I do not know what the root of the problem is with the connectivity issues, maybe just a single line of wrong code in the synchronizing P2P netcode, maybe all idea of making a 8* player P2P netcode. Frankly at this point I am beyond caring why it happens, since the only thing I can care is whether what the developer company chose to do so works or not. And it most certainly does NOT work for anything beyond duels and brawls (to a certain extend).

1v1 and 2v2 brawls to a certain extend, and story mode. That's where the game ends. None of the other things works. 5-15 minutes waiting staring at the screen to only get an error saying matchmaking failed. Or game fails to start due to a error during lobby. Or getting an error during game right when it is about to finish to wipe away all rewards. My favorite is host disconnecting and game failing to find a new host OR returning to lobby so you have to Alt-F4.

And most of the daily orders / contracts require those other things especially elimination/skirmish nonsense where you need one, but after 50 minutes waiting you get the other and even if it was the right one; it is wrong one for someone in the lobby so they just Alt+F4 and most likely game errors before it can complete.

This game is a fully priced multiplayer game that fails to maintain stable connection to complete its most basic function, due to whatever reason. If I wasnt on such a beast of connection with every other online game I have I would have second guessed my ISP, but that is absolutely not the case with 200mbps fibre connection that doesnt even reach 50ms latency in any other online game.

I am also made aware of the security issues where people can kick you out of sessions because game tells them your wan IP, and their further ability to DDoS anyone since unisoft deliberately asks us to open certain ports for open NAT. So far I havent reached the point I can worry about security or integrity of competitive scene; because game is not capable of maintaining its connectivity to reach that point.

THIS HAS TO BE FIXED. I havent seen that bad connectivity issues in any online game since dial-up connection multiplayer sessions back in 90s, including free 2 play small games from developers noone ever heard of.

Dedicated Servers, improved P2P netcode, a wooden totem made by an albino witchdoctor, or a prayer to alien gods. I do not care how you make it work, BUT YOU HAVE TO MAKE IT WORK.