View Full Version : Ubisoft plan on making any effort to fix ****?

02-26-2017, 05:59 PM
The servers are back up again so great job there guys.........but how about fixing the the issue where u cant complete a single fking game cause of disconnects, literally spend 5-10mins playing win/lose and then towards the match almost being over the game disconnects, wtf is that, but the thread about the outage says its 100% fixed. This is idiotic, spent money on a game that I cant play, my champion status is wasting away. This is day 2 now of this and nothing has been fixed, just went from not being able to connect to disconnected after you put in work on a match, waste of time, id rather just not be able to log on that was I can occupy myself playing a diff game instead of trying to play hoping this game lasts. Can you guys please address this or give us an update as if its even being worked on?