View Full Version : For honor's 3 biggest issues and (my ideas) on how to fix them.

02-26-2017, 05:23 PM
Hello all. First time creating a thread here. While for honor has a lot of stuff that could use polish I believe these 3 are the ones we need to target first. That would be: matchmaking, gear, and faction wars. I'm not going to sit here and pretend that all game modes are fun and shouldn't be messed with. Or that hero balance is fine. or even that defensive play is super strong right now. However I believe we need to lay the pave work for longevity first. hero balance while not perfect isn't in a dire need to be tuned for most of the player base. and the modes are good "enough" for now. and while defensive play IS a problem right now it really only is once you reach a certain bracket of players. which face it most of us are not there. So these things I mentioned benefit everyone involved including the top 5% but more importantly getting these things right will secure the games longevity imo. Once we manage that we can get into the fine tuning of the core fighting mechanics, more in depth hero tweaks, and game mode revisions.

Matchmaking: Right now it's a system that works well for 1v1's and brawls for the most part. But not really for the 4v4 modes. People frequently get disconnected for seemingly no reason. whole matches crash. etc. What can we do? Unfortunately I don't see how they can make the general stability better as i'm not well versed in that area. I can give some suggestions though. For starters if the game tries to throw you into a full game it should just resume the search instead of booting someone to the main menu all over again. They should seek to stop it from thinking a game is "suitable" for a host if the host can get in but his party can't. Matchmaking should also NOT break the party up. ever. The only time that should happen is if the player had a connection issue that booted them from the current game. Also. after a match concludes and the timer runs out if there isn't enough players for another match to go it SHOULD resume a search instead of booting you to the main menu.

I also believe the game would benefit from giving the players a tab to influence their search parameters. imo it switches to "all regions" too quickly. Give us a preference tab that lets us dictate stuff like this. elimn/skirmish should be seperate. period. I don't care if I have to scroll over 4 options (pvp skirm, pve skirm, pvp elim, pve elim) You give us contracts for specific modes. let us select those modes. Please. One final suggestion. for the love of deus vult let us actually DO SOMETHING when we are searching.
Also make it so people on pc can't see other peoples IP's allowing them to drop hack freely.

Gear: Well this one shouldn't be hard to talk about. We all know how insane it is for a 108 gear person to be matched up with someone of 4 gear score. A "bandaid" solution would be to make MM account for gear. But that would be difficult since each character would have a different gear score. and the game wouldn't know your gear score till you picked the hero anyway. Not to mention if UBI could even get around that problem it still isn't fixing the real problem. which is revenge gear. Some have suggested that they scrap the most gear stats entirely and add ones that bolster individual styles of play. I think the current stats are fine. Other than some value changing we should change where the gear stats are. which ultimately forces a choice instead of the easy pick like right now. Credit goes to Reddit user "Cabaret_J." here is his preposed changes:

"A better way to sort these would be a two-fold solution: First, put similar, but ultimately more valuable stats together, making the choices more difficult. Second, change the values that gear is modified by. Scavenge crates would still work as they do, now, but there would more variety in gear. Example:
Common Gear:
1 – Increases one stat by 10% and reduces another by 10%
2 – Increases two stats by 5% and reduces one by 10%
3 – Increase one stat by 10% and reduce two others by 5%
4 – 0% change in stats

Rare Gear:
1 – Increases one stat by 20% and reduces another by 20%
2 – Increases two stats by 10% and reduces one by 20%
3 – Increase one stat by 20% and reduce two others by 10%

Heroic Gear
1 – Increases one stat by 30% and reduces another by 30%
2 – Increases two stats by 15% and reduces one by 30%
3 – Increase one stat by 30% and reduce two others by 15%

Stat changes would be organized like this:
Attack, revenge mode attack, revenge gain by injury. – This gives the difficult choice between being powerful out of revenge mod, being powerful in revenge mod, and getting into revenge mode faster.

Defense, revenge mode defense, revenge gain by defense. – Players have to choose between having a temporary shield, a general tank value, and getting into revenge mode in the first place.

Stamina cost reduction, stamina regen, exhaustion recovery. – All about stamina choice and how players want to manage their stamina.

Throw distance, sprint speed, revenge mode duration – Not a hard choice because fast characters often have weak throws and characters with good throws are usually slow. Characters also have the choice of balancing against revenge duration.

Block damage resistance, block damage, Feat cool down reduction. – Getting into less useful stats, here. Chip damage is small for everyone. I’m not sure about feat cooldown reduction – depending on the character, this can be a very powerful stat.

Revive speed, execution health regen, debuff resistance. – Crap stats which compared against other stats, wouldn’t be picked. Revive speed is only useful in a couple of game modes and is situational, so I value it lower than feat cool down, which is also situational."

Faction wars: We're not even a month into FH and I already don't care about deploying assets much. because the win seems too predictable based on the alpha's and beta's we've had. The system needs to be more elaborate. the winner should be decided by a few factors: how many territories you owned at the end of the season, how many territories you held through out the season, how many territories did you never lose are just a few examples. They could also make certain parts of the map worth more to have. and give some minor bonus points based on how long you held it. Point is right now it's too simple. Many don't understand where things should be placed. which overall makes wins feel luck based. and the impact of assets seem minor.

Minor qualms: These are in their own spot as i'm not sure how others feel. But I feel these things would also effect the longevity. First. I feel like players should receive some kind of incentive for playing a hero from their faction. Be it some extra exp or steel when a match finishes. Just something. Also I believe people who quit out of games should recieve some time out where they can't play. the penalty of how long this will last would increase the more often they quit. And I also believe if someone quits a number of times should forfeit their rights to win anything once a season finishes. Quitting doesn't feel like it punishes people enough. Lastly I know they just made some changes to JIP. But one change they should make is simply just don't allow JIP matches to count as a loss. I'd certainly stick around and give my all instead of leaving if I saw a game tilting heavily in one direction.

Thanks for reading. have a wonderful day.