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02-26-2017, 02:28 AM
Thank you Ubisoft, im a rep 8 Warden, 108 gear score on 2 loadouts and i play this game non stop and im loving it, i literally never had so much fun in pvp on any game EVER, i think its so much fun, i'm literally laughing during skirmishes, its FAIR and its just perfect. The revenge mode is BRILLIANT, i want to kiss the guy that came up with that lol. Well of course i find people that abuse the exploitable spam game mechanics but i can sometimes side dodge out of them. So as i said i play this game non stop so i get to see a lot of things that need work, but than i start thinking that you guys know what you're doing so i know you'll fix it, but i'm still going to name a few things i find that are wrong in the game, in my humble opinion. First and everyone knows this, theres the spams, people just use those unblockable spams over n over and we can't dodge it, but i do dodge it sometimes as long as i dont get hit first, so i ask myself, was it my fault because i got hit, because i didnt counter it? Well im not sure, but i do feel i should be able to react sometimes, like the counter guard break does. Thats another issue, i find it extremely hard to counter the guard break, maybe raise the reaction just a little bit, i guess, but its a good noob punisher to spam the guard break lol. The Orochi can side dodge out of my guard break. So at first i thought the game needed changes but im not so sure anymore, i just hope the game continues to be this much fun after the changes and that you keep raising the gear score to keep it interesting, but dont make it easier to get the gear score please, people need to have dedication and love for the game and work hard like we all do. It's actually fast, took me a week to get to 108 so. I just hate it when i work really hard for months to raise my gear score and the arrogant noobs get on the game and just because gear score was raised they get to my level in a few hours with no effort nor dedication nor love for the game. I love this game because its hard, it takes dedication and the arrogant noobs get punished, so please keep it like that. And its a fair game thanks to the revenge mode especially. And i understand why the connection stops sometimes, it assures that it will be faster to respond to input commands, i hear people hating on the connection but if it wasnt like this, it would be worse because it would have to travel farther and peer to peer keeps the same dns for everyone , i think, im not sure, and usually it happens because people rage quit, not because the peer to peer isnt working , i think the game works really good if no one rage quits, but i did it to ,when i was getting used to it so yeah, i understand why. Anyway thank you so much Ubisoft, im really happy with For Honor. I never use the unblockable spams btw, feel free to check out my Youtube channel, its Carlos Castanheiro. Peace. Namaste.

02-26-2017, 02:30 AM
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