View Full Version : Issues With Gear Stats And Revenge

02-26-2017, 02:25 AM
So as a lot of people have noticed gear stats really are able to screw up revenge mode and make it crazily OP. I have a pretty simple solution.

Basically just move around where all the gear stats are set up so players can't have max revenge attack, defense, AND duration. Basically just set it up so revenge mode attack defense and duration are all on say the Wardens hilt (applies to all characters of course) and then the handle has revenge gain from attack defense and injury. Then the blade will have base attack defense and throw distance. Taking out stamina cost reduction complete as a stat because basically nobody cares about it. Now all the important stats are set up so you can't have all of the good ones and ignore the crap ones. This will force diversity to an extent and effectively nerf the revenge spam. I hope at least. Another thing. Turn off revenge in duels and any situation where there is a 1v1 in Dominion. Nobody should be getting revenge vs 1 player ever. That's just dumb.

Anyways. Input thoughts or other solution ideas in the comments. We don't want revenge to to be useless but we don't want it in its current state where any decent player with good gear wins every fight because he gets out numbered.