View Full Version : Daily reminder, Guard Breaking needs risk

02-26-2017, 12:26 AM
This is not a complain that Guard break is over powered. This is a complaint that Guard Break has very little risk.

As it stands right now, when you try to use an offensive move, the risk for getting countered by your opponent is quite a lot. As an example, a simple offensive attack is a heavy attack. When you use it, your opponent can do 3 things to counter it.
-Dodge/Dash (In various directions), which will leave you open for a free light attack
-Block, it stops any combo
-Parry, makes you lose a considerable amount of stamina and leaves you open to a guaranteed guard break, or heavy.

There is also the possibility that your opponent predicted a heavy incoming and use a light attack to interrupt it.

So if you do land a heavy attack, you get a heavy damage in. Anyone who plays this game will tell you, using a heavy attack is very risky. You need to wait for the right opportunity.

Now lets look at Guard Break
-You can't always dash it as it follows you.
-There is no parry to it
-Obviously, there is no block to it

Which leaves only one thing.
Counter Guard Break.
There is also the possibility that your opponent predicted a heavy incoming and use a light attack to interrupt it.

In conclusion, Guardbreak is a move that grants you more rewards, for a LOT less risk

02-26-2017, 12:30 AM
Yes. In ts bugged state it works similar to a throw. But its not just a throw, its a mechanic that is heavily relied upon. It deffinately needs adjustment.

I honestly dont even thing it should track you when you dodge back. And if miss it would cost like half your stam bar. Hell a zone attack is weak but costs half a bar

02-26-2017, 12:31 AM
Problem with GB and grabs for me is that they work like heat seeking missiles. I clearly dodge but they made a 90 degree right turn and hit me anyway. Broken as can be.

Other problem is counter guard break; I'm MASHING square ALL THE DAMN time when i get guard break but NOTHING.

The mechanics for guard break vs guard break need to be fixed and made more clear because it is a complete derp fest in that regard.

But GB does have a risk in general; light attacks counter it generally but that seems to bug out too sometimes and it seemed like you would get GB no matter what you pressed in certain situations; like the game decided 5 seconds ago you were going over that cliff and nothing you pressed would save you even you did everything that should have countered his GB and throw.... ******ed

02-26-2017, 12:44 AM
itīs always funny when a dude with a ledge behind him goes for a grab..

You'd be surprised how many players still can't reliably counter the breakguard