View Full Version : What the Hell is goning ON? COMMUNICATE UBISOFT! Servers DOWN!

02-25-2017, 11:22 PM
Why cant you post on the forums? i really dont understand! What are you DOING!:mad:
The Forums should always be the first place to post on Ubisoft! Not Twitter or Facebook
This is where the players are not f******* Twitter bloody hell!
Communication is the main problem with the game as far as i can tell, and the complete & total disregard for your player base! Ubisoft Come on! Give us some News on what you are doing? if anything!
Ive been gaming since the 80's & seen many a game come & go! Most of them would of been a lot more successful with better communication from the Devs!
All we are asking for is for you to tell us what you are doing with the game? Please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FFS!:mad: Tommo soon to be F******:mad:Tommo
Forget the Server being down at the moment thats not the only issue,Damn there's so many! The community needs to know what you are doing, Tell us on the Forums!
I love this game even if i am crap at it ;) but people are leaving day by day, if you continue to be virtually silent on the forums, when you do deside to communicate it will be too late, everyone will have left?! wooooooosh Tumble weed moment :mad:Tommo

02-25-2017, 11:30 PM
Give us some News on what you are doing?

Drinking beer!

02-25-2017, 11:33 PM
Feet up?

02-26-2017, 12:52 AM
Hello - Apologies as we are currently experiencing issues across multiple services. Announcement here (http://forums.ubi.com/showthread.php/1590864-Degradation-Ubisoft-Services). We will keep you all updated as the situation changes.