View Full Version : Ubisoft quality lately....

02-25-2017, 07:45 PM
I dont know about refunds or laws concerning them but I can say the P2P system is garbage, I have spent 40% of my play time rebooting, stuck at the load screen, disconnected or simply not finding games.

Once again Ubisoft has failed another title imo, The Division was a complete disaster to me, it was an altered product to what was promised way before the title was released and they gutted it and sold it as if it was the original product they had promised long before it released. Rainbow 6 Siege and now For Honor, I have just played a bit of Ghost Recon Wildlands and while I am excited for this game I found a ton of problems with it already. That being said I think Ubisoft is slowly losing its reputation for delivering solid titles, it just seems to me they are great idea's but the execution fails to deliver, all of these grade A titles had the promise to be superb but on some level failed to deliver, I can honestly say after these 3 titles my decisions to purchase their products is skeptical at best and I certainly wont buy season passes anymore.

I love Ubisoft and I have been a fan for a very long time but I feel like the quality is just not there anymore, half done games, games gutted before release and just ridiculous issues mar this once awesome game developer. I know some people will disagree but its just my opinion.