View Full Version : AC3 Stockpile Convoy Glitch (Game Breaking)

02-25-2017, 04:19 PM
I started playing AC3, and when I got to sequence 5, at the tutorial part where you have to buy lumber from some people and send it on a convoy, the game crashed just when i sent away the convoy.
Now, the game is glitched playing the stockpile tutorial over and over, and I can't finish it, as the convoy is gone, so I can't choose a convoy. If I try to do it, it says assign lumber into slot. But there is already a piece of lujmber there, as the convoy has already been sent. And when I try to put lumber there, it says to buy lumber, and there it freezes. Everything is normal, Except I can't do anything.
Please help, as I don't want to make a new save and play 4 more hours to reach back to where I was.