View Full Version : Skirmish Mode and joining in Elimination mode in play

02-25-2017, 04:14 PM
Skirmish mode is so bugged, first of all... Split Skirmish and Elimination as you did with duel and brawl mode. It's first of all super hard to find a game if you want to play Skirmish mode to finish your objectives. If for some reason the miracle happens and you get into a skirmish game (pvp), many people quit skirmish as soon as the game starts, since they wanted to go for some elimination and were matched with skirmish players. Otherwise you have the problem that as soon as people see that they are loosing, they start rage quitting and sooner or later the whole game crashes or freezes from all the quitting/rejoining. Skirmish simply takes too long to reach 1k points and is not worth all the hustle, you need to rethink this mode in general.

Now to my other issue. Joining an elimination match mid play, the new bot replacement is awful. Why can’t you simply let the bot finish the round before replacing it with a player. Leaving your team in a 3vs4 before the match even starts is ridiculous.

These are a few things that need some serious love, it's very annoying to have to deal with these 2 modes most of the time and requires a ton of time to finish these objectives related to either mode, since of all games that freeze/end thru errors.