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02-25-2017, 09:34 AM
Hello everyone. Let's start a new threat for people who want to complete these achievement.
4 million synthetics on veteran difficulty is quite an ambitious tasks.

02-25-2017, 11:52 AM
I think that if you want this achivement you have to do a specific settings for the company difficulty, beacuse you have more income and more goods production in order to have a better ratio of synthetics/investor. Currently if you keep the basic veterans settings you will have a 30/70 ratio (calculated with an excel file i made) this measn that you need a population of 12m to get the achivement with 0 income.

So if you don't want this mostrous numbers you have to change this settings:

Share effect: it should be GREAT because the impact on the diccifulty is low and is huge in the game.
Revenue: it should be at least MEDIUM, but you can make it PLENTY if you don't change the next setting.
Goods consumption: this is hard to low because it has a big impact on the difficulty but it works quite like the share effect, so maybe you can let it to PLENTY

Than you can change some other settings to have more time to advance like allowing to move the buildings, lowering the frequency of invasions.

You can make some other settings more difficult to stay in the veteran like disabling the missions.

I think i will make a new company trying to get this achivement because with my currents it will be too hard (or i will have to fill the map with houses and i don't like the style of crowed cities)

02-25-2017, 12:58 PM
can I see what my current settings are I forgot what I did when I set the game up?

Below is also Laxuar's idea on the Orbit set up for this achievement : I personally went for % Agri, 4 bio, 3 electronics, but I can see the reason behind his idea

"I was working on my max difficulty Veteran company, I mean setting all the options in the worst case. But this configuration isn't good for the 4million synthetics achivement because you can sustain only 1/3 of synthetics and 2/3 of investors. So if you aim for that achivement think about lowing the settings for share bonus, or goods needs otherwise you'll have to full evry single slot of houses.

Anyway now i have like 2m population and the configuration of OS with 5 agriculture is good only for the start of the company because no one of T4 goods are from agricolture, and the main problem is the income not the space, expecially because syntetics don't need any goods before T4. IMO the best configuration is 0 agri -3 bio -5 ele -0 ene-4HI Because you will take +5% production, -10% goods consume, +20% ele, +20%bio.

All of this is based on the idea to have a selfsustain economy, without trading with the global market. I decided to do that because the GM is too volatile and someday a goods cost 2000 and the other it drops to 100, and usually it stay at 100, but if you plan to buy the A-Grav is the best strategy because they are ALWAYS under the production cost."

02-25-2017, 06:07 PM
For the share effect you can see it in the share pannel if the bonus production is less than 3% per shares and the final bonus lower than 10% than your settings are harder.

The income for the meaner revenue is like 2500credits for investor.

And Sinthetics need about 1.1 A-grav x houses.

With this you can check your settings

03-01-2018, 09:10 AM
has anyone actually gotten this achievement at all?

11-02-2018, 12:42 AM
I just got this achievement and I have to say it was a lot of fun. It was among the hardest things I've ever done in gaming. You definitely do need to customize the difficulty settings as the default does seem pretty tough. I cranked up the stock market and combat settings to the hardest and lowered the population type settings (consumption, revenue) to the medium settings. I got it to just perfectly hit the veteran mark.

I managed to get all the way to having 3.5 million pop stabilized (positive income and no resources in the negative). By that point, I had made use of almost every single mountain and coastal site in the all of the temperate zones and nearly all of the sites in the arctic zones. I had maybe 60% of the sites taken on the lunar zones. I also had packed almost every piece of land in the temperate zones with houses and factories and I even started buying items from the world market instead of producing them.

I did have to rely on the patent transfers to keep my income up because it would drop into the negative territory without that. The most annoying part was the rare resources you need to upgrade a residential building. I had tons of Iridium and Graphene but I kept running out of Magnetite. And because of the settings I choose, buying 100 units cost me nearly 14 million credits! There is a research module that'll generate it for you but I had selected my modules so carefully, I couldn't really mess with them or everything would fall apart.

When I finally got to 4 million, I just upgraded a whole ton at once from the 3.5 million. My income went pretty negative and I would have had a real hard time stabilizing it with the room I had left to make use of but I figured just getting to the 4 million was the goal, not necessarily having to stay there. It was kind of amusing getting my corporation to level 254 after it felt like such a challenge getting to 100.