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02-25-2017, 05:49 AM
Please forgive grammatical errors as this was typed up on my smartphone.

As far as games go, this is a very great game. I was a fan of chivalry and liked this even more. Where chivalry was clunky this game was well done and refined. Now I'm just a filthy casual with a full time job (probably your average consumer). Sometimes I get into games more than others though. This game caught me and it spent too much time in my last few days playing For Honor.

One thing about games with different heroes and skillsets, there will always be a unbalanced element. I think ubisoft did a very good job with balancing. Anything I talk about is within a reasonable scope of imbalance.

I started with Nobushi, who felt cheap as it was far too easy to get kills and felt like a shallow hero over all. This b**** is just such a tease! I got he to lvl 17 which is weird because I didn't play her all that much.

I went to Valkyrie who I thoroughly enjoyed. I got her to lvl 16. At first I was like "THIS HERO SUCKS". After experimenting little bit I learned how Savage she can be. Although her damage output is weak she has an awesome move set. This hero deservedly earns the Hard title.

Afterwards I switched to Warden and got him to Prestige 1 lvl 15. He was a challenging hero forcing you to master the games base mechanics. Thanks to the information and tips available on the web and YouTube, I was consistently winning my duels (when fought honorably) for a good while after learning him and valk. I really like warden even though he has the weakest moveset (IMO). This is balanced by his good health and damage output. The only issue I had with warden is my deflects and counterstrike were a little flakey at times, especially with faster heroes such as assassins. This could also be due to my weak Internet. The biggest issue I had was the lack of a rushing attack, which would really help when fighting those pesky heroes that would dash back and forth.

Heroes that I think are a bit over powered are Nobushi and Orochi. What I've noticed is after about 5 lvls an average player will gain enough proficiency to use Orochi/nobushi just enough to have a good advantage over me, and I expect many other players.

My biggest complaint about the game is the assassin class is just slightly above the game mechanics if that makes sense.

I won't go over much of why orochi is just a bit op, but what bugs most about him is that it's just far too easy for him to escape and run (quickly) away after successfully countering him and getting the upper hand which was often very difficult compared to other heroes. This also goes for other assassins but they don't have the explosive combat capabilities that orochi has. I think that a deflected hit from an assassin should stagger them a bit longer so they aren't forgiven so easily for their mistake. I felt as a warden after successfully deflecting the fast assassin hits was not rewarding in that I could only catch them if they made a second mistake of allowing me to catch them afterwards.

My experience in this game has gone from great and gradually decreased to not so pleasure-able.

For honor is a great game but just like any other game the community can and will ruin it. (Knights own only 9 territories) When I first started there was much diversity to the classes I saw and it just kept going downhill. At first it was at least one nobushi/orochi every match or so, which is alright don't get me wrong. Then there was usually at least two orochis or 3 assassins.

A good example is earlier tonight, I was playing eliminatation with my party and for 3 games straight we played against all assassins (mostly orochies) , different lobbies each time. The rest of 4 or 5 games we fought against at least 3 assassins each lobby. Every time we laid a beat down on them, they'd usually run. Because they were fast and they could. In elimination this is a problem because they can just can get more and more power ups.

I'm sick of fighting assassins at this point. It's all that's in my head when I play. I'm starting to see assassins in my cereal box. Every time I look in the mirror there is an assassin waiting 5 feet away waiting to unleash his dirty tricks only to run after a serious *** whooping.

They are definitely possible to fight of course, but just too hard compared to other heroes. I'm not saying I'm a good player, but I stand a fair chance to mostly all heroes except for mainly orochi which from what I've ready, is definitely a step up from other heroes, which is why you will rarely be in a lobby without one or two.

Again sorry for my grammar, Its hard writing this on my smartphone and my pc is not available. BTW I play on console but im A PC gamer at heart. Just saying.

P. S.

This is just speculation but may people DO agree that he is better than other heroes but is not O. P. This may just be my logic, but isn't that the very definition of OT? It just seems like a dumb play on words.