View Full Version : Ubi is a joke of a company!!!!

02-25-2017, 02:58 AM
So I have been keeping track of the number of games I have been disconnected from and I'm up to 12 in a row my lawbringer has been stuck on lvl 17 so much lost xp!! If they aren't going to fix the connection issue which to the looks of it they won't... They need to make it so you keep the XP you would have gained during the match...... I shouldn't have to grind AI matches just to ****ing level up a hero!! Or at least have the same amount of XP for AI matches as normal matches since they are the only ones actually playable..... I bet between all the disconnects I could be rep 2 with my lawbringer right now............ This is horse **** I didn't want salmon!!!!!! I said it three times!!!!