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02-25-2017, 02:39 AM
The Holistic Order

We here at the Holistic Order have just received the command to open the gates to anyone and everyone who is seeking guidance in the way of the divine light. Whether you be a Viking, a Samurai, or even a Knight, we will take you in and teach you our ways.

Our requirements are quite simple. One must be a bare minimum of 16 years old, have a microphone, and be willing to play with us and only us as a clan. We are a growing clan of around 20 players this far into the race and are gaining more every day. We support a strong sense of roleplay, communication, and events based on clan activity. If you are interested in what has been said here, drop on by our discord and introduce yourself after following the FrontGate prompt.

https://discord.gg/56Pk8Ge (https://discord.gg/56Pk8Ge)

03-06-2017, 01:35 AM
Hi Guys,

I had a few games with KingNotix the other night - was great fun, I also tried to get in contact with BRYZORD but discord stopped me from sending messages. Can you tell me how to get in contact with the Holistic Order please :)