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02-25-2017, 02:26 AM
Chapter 1 Into the Fray

Panic gripped tightly around the young viking's heart. Before him stood two knights covered in thick, heavy armor whom already had their weapons at the ready. One possessed a shield with what looked to be a metal ball with a chain linked to it while the other had a sword as long as a man's torso. He did not fear death, for Valhalla awaited him, though he was not yet ready to join the feasts with his fellow kinsmen. He looked at the man next to him whom had weariness drawn about his face. Asgrim, his younger brother whom had diligently followed him in every battle was naught but the age of 18. Their service to the Jarl had but started two seasons ago and already they had begun to forge a name for themselves. The Tokisson Wall would often be the humor of the feast tables they sat at, for wherever Bjorn went, his little brother would follow, shields at the ready. Though this time, Bjorn was not so confident in their shield wall. Already the other four men whom where also grouped with them, including their captain, laid sprawled about the surrounding area either bleeding out or already in the grand feast halls.

The grip up on his heart tightened even more when he heard the battle cry from the two men whom stood before them. They had begun to advance upon the two brothers, at a faster pace than Bjorn would have liked. Without saying a word the two brothers raised their shields at the ready to accept the mighty wave that was coming to clash upon them. Metal splintered wood as the mace struck Bjorn's shield. It had quite the impact but the wood held firmly. His brother's shield also held firmly as the large sword came swinging down up on him, though it was his brother's leg that buckled. As Asgrim fell to one knee, the iron cladded man brought his sword up for another swing to push him even further into the ground. Before he could even think, Bjorn abandoned the opponent before his eyes and charged upon the man whom was about to swing for a third time upon his brother. With a triumphant, loud war-cry, Bjorn raised his shield and with mighty strength, planted the center of his shield upon the chest of the combatant. The knight, whom was caught off guard, let out a loud grunt as he was being pushed away and with another forceful push, was knocked to the ground. Before anyone else could react, Bjorn lunges his short sword at the fallen man, in hopes of connecting to some form of flesh. To his satisfaction, he hears a loud crunching noise and a mixed cry of surprise and pain as he pierced the knights leg. To his astonishment however, the knight is able to recover quickly and return to his fighting stance despite the blood profusely dripping from his wound. Bjorn was preparing to strike again, yet before he could even lift his sword up a massive force hits him from behind causing him to fall upon a cluster of rocks, bashing his head against one.
Dazed, Bjorn's vision begins to blacken while the last thing he sees is the two men marching towards him, ready to make the kill.

Chapter 2 Revenge

As Bjorn awakens from his blackout, he is greeted with the familiar face of his brother Asgrim. Kneeling before him on both knees, shield and sword dangling on his sides. "Ugh that'll leave a nasty knot" Bjorn remarked, "Asgrim what happened to the two we were fighting?" Despite being asked, Asgrim said not a word. This not only peeked Bjorn's curiosity but concerned him as well. He did not fully realize the situation until he looked down from his brother's face to see a sword protruding from his chest. With a cry of horror and rage, Bjorn realized all to late that his brother had jumped in front of the death blow that was meant for him. With one, last final breath, Asgrim smiles and says "Fight well my brother, do not make me save you a seat for I go to the Great Halls of Valhalla. Remember your strength." Before Bjorn can even utter a word, the sword is pulled from his brothers chest while the mace is flung at Asgrim's head, bashing him off to the side. Time seems to stand still for Bjorn as he sees his brothers body lifeless upon the ground.

Flashbacks of his childhood began to saturate Bjorn's mind. From the time they went fishing as little boys with their father, to when they had ventured out into the woods as daring teenagers at night only to startle a bear and her cubs. Bjorn had earned his name through the killing of the mother bear for it threatened his little brother's life. Not only did he save his brother, but brought the bear to his house and presented it to his father as a gift, thus was renamed Bjorn, or Bear in their tongue. It wasn't the fact that he slayed the bear, but how he accomplished such a feat. His brother described the scene monstrous yet he claimed that he could not tear his gaze away from the sight. Bjorn had leaped upon the back of the bear, forcing his fists into its eyes, continuously beating it in the face until he could find the right opportunity to strike the beast down. Unable to find any form of weapon pierce the beasts vital spots, Bjorn jammed the bottom of his boot onto the lower jaw of the bear, pushing it down while pulling on the upper portion. What was literally humanly impossible was preformed right before Asgrim's eyes. His older brother was literally pulling the bears mouth apart! Fur flying in all directions, blood gushing like a river. For a moment, Asgrim was frightened of his brother, for he felt an ominous aura flowing out of him. When he walked up to his brother, he recoiled in shock as he saw the color of blood read in his older brother's eyes. "Berserkr" muttered Asgrim...

Berserkr began to ring in Bjorn's ears. Berserkr, Berserkr, BERSERKR! Bjorn eyes clouded with red as he began to stand up. His breathing no longer heavy, but a light wisp. The shield and sword felt weightless in his hands. He gazed upon the men whom had killed his brother and a sense of fear began to creep into the minds of the two knights. They knew if they did not kill this viking now, they would be the ones lying upon the floor dead. They both began to charge the lonesome viking, sword raising up to crash down upon him while the mace being swung at a killing velocity. Both swing with the intent to kill, but before they even make contact, the vikings voice booms out loud "HORFđU ┴ MIG!" Their weapons bounce off like shallow waves on stone. The instant recoil was to much for them to maintain their bearings as they both fall to the ground, though with Bjorn immediately upon them. With the strength of ten men, Bjorn brings his shield down upon the maced knight's head to hear a satisfying crunching noise. The body flickers for a few moments then ultimately comes to a standstill. The other knight attempts to reclaim his bearings is not quick enough thanks to the previous wound he received in his leg. Bjorn brings his shield upon the knights head, bashing him to the side as if he were a fly of annoyance. The knight stutters off to the side barely keeping his body upright. When he turns back towards the viking, Bjorn is already in his face. With sword and shield at the knights neck, Bjorn crosses the sword and shield in an X formation and applies the right amount of pressure and brings down his sword in a slicing motion. The knights body crumbles under its own weight as his head rolls off to the side. He had done it... claimed vengeance upon the two whom had killed his beloved little brother.. yet it was not enough. With a loud shout that shook the very core of every man upon the battlefield, Bjorn set out to find his next source of relief.

Author notes: Hey guys this is my first short story I'm currently writing. If you like it, let me know! I wish to continue creating more chapters for this story and would love to know how to improve it or if you simply love it!
Thanks for taking the time to read what i wrote and hopefully we can have more coming! :)