View Full Version : Huge balance issues against shugoki as conqueror

02-24-2017, 11:59 PM
Like the title says,
Against a shugoki who knows half of what he is doing,
it is virtualy impossible for a conqueror to beat him.
the conquerors light attack is way to slow to be chained into something after his shield is down, if you try in another light you just get blocked or parried.
shield bash doesnt work, since that only takes his shield down and when a shugoki just sees you cast shield bash, he just does his grab or guardbreak.
charged heavy is way to easely blocked or parried, and if it hits, it only takes his shield down, which than results him just casting his grab and heal.
when i normal swing and gets his shield down, he just normal swings while i do mine + headbut, and my stamina is completely gone.

i faced many shugoki's with my conqueror in particular, but even players which clearly show they are one of the newer ones, just completely steam roll.
other classes have a way easyer time such as warden or orochis or nobushis to get his shield down.
but for conqueror, he has litterely nothing to combat this.
guard break is just completely ineffective against decent shugoki players who know how to counter gb.

i know certain classes have a weakness against other certain classes, but i personaly feel shugoki is way to powerfull at this moment.
his shield in particular just gives him an edge in every trade off with damage.
i tried to play agressive towards shugokis, but sometimes before you can even blink his shield his back, and just completely removes any opening for you against him.

conclusion i think he is way to unbalanced at this moment and personaly feel he needs a rework.
i know certain classes should have edges on other classes, but shugoki just almost wins every trade off, and personaly a character shouldnt be able to have that much advantage over almost everything that gets trown at him

02-25-2017, 12:32 AM
Shugo is the easiest enemy as a conq.... you just have to learn more about the different mechanics.
Never waste a shieldbash on his shield, it might be your death.... just gb him (even if he counters the shield will get removed).
Never use your shieldbash as opener.... most people already prepare to dodge if a conq is running up to them... do a heavy or sidestep+heavy/light or sidestep+bash+light instead.... or even start charging your heavy and hit him or feint into a light attack or shieldbash if his shield is down.
Never rely only on shieldbash against him.... gb or parry is your friend!
Keep your distance once he is lower on life and if he starts to charge at you for his grab just dodge to the side and do a heavy.... itīs a guarenteed execution!!!! allways!!!.

Seriously, shugoki is the most loved enemy as a conq because he is so ridiculous easy to fight.