View Full Version : For Honor: Error Message Simulator 2017

02-24-2017, 11:37 PM
I love For Honor... when it works but in the process of writing this post I've failed to join six games. I don't have like google fiber 1000/1000 connections but it's not bad either. I'm routinely reading moderate or open NATs yet at least half of the times I try to start a game it fails. When I finally get into the game after several fails and a five minute loading screen I'm met by people lag jumping, hitting me through blocks with normal attacks, hitting people only to have them get back the health a second later because the game decides they actually blocked it, and almost always a lag out. And god forbid I try to connect to friends. If we have one of those lag outs we have to rejoin the group which doesn't work unless we restart the game.

My only assumption from all of this is you just wanted to bait a lot of preorders and purchases so that you can find another project and rip us all off. It is unacceptable to have tested the connection with many tech tests, an alpha, and two betas, have each group verify that the connections were terrible, and still go though with launch. Ubisoft used dedicated servers for Rainbow Six and are using them for Ghost Recon: wild lands. You know that the game needs them so if you do not I can only assume you have no intention for the game to last long. If you're going for a Ponzzi Scheme though, 10/10.