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x LethalNoodle
02-24-2017, 11:30 PM
Hi there everyone,

I have stayed out of the Gear discussion for quite some time now. I've always felt that I was able to pull off a win if I just played well enough. That it just wasn't a level I had reached yet and I needed more practice. Well. Today I am joining the discussion. Not because I was pwned by someone with a high gear score. But because I absolutely rekt face now I have a high gear score.

So let's talk for a moment. I am an average player. Some games I am doing really well, some games I'm playing like ***. Yesterday I finally got to Prestige 3. I had over 50 bucks worth of steel at the ready for just this occasion. I went utterly ham on the scavenging gear part. And after a LOT of spending, I got my perfect setup. I got 100 gear score, with all purples and two starred purples. I felt happy. Now I was going to prove that this game wasn't pay to win! I was going to hop ingame, and notice how skill is still the primary factor in the game.

But then I got proven wrong. I killed people twice as fast. I took half as much damage. My revenge went up twice as fast and lasted twice as long and all of that made me twice as hard to kill and amplify my damage even more. Holy moly what the heck was this. Maybe a fluke? Maybe a one time deal? Let's keep going.

After several matches I just stopped and stared at my screen. I was the apocalypse for most people. Because I was paired up against people with grey gearscore, or blue gearscore. I no longer felt that I had to try my best to win. My gear was winning my games for me. And that sucks! I hate it!

So I went to record it. ( Video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xUinl-c9tPU ) And it just snowballed. It got worse and worse with each game. The balance is abyssmal. The effect the gear has is too much. This game really is pay to win! Sure you can get this stuff from hours upon hours of playing. But if I can just get to prestige 3 and then throw in 50 bucks to start stomping on people... That's not a long-term healthy business decision is it?

So once again I plead for Ubisoft to make Gearscore Off playlists. All of the gamemodes need both gear on and gear off. So I can play on a level playing field again. Right now this blows.

And yes, I can just take this gear off and play honorable again. But the moment I run into someone with 100+ gearscore who doesn't do that. I will now forever know that they have a huuuuuge freaking advantage over me.

02-25-2017, 10:29 AM
tf you mean pay to win. you have to play the game first to even get "end game" gear. Locked behind renown 3. so already, players that PLAY the game are rewarded. Second. if you just save your steel for that hero until you hit rep 3. you have plenty to buy scavenger packs and get atleast 90 GS. This game p2w. not even close. I will admit though, revenge stats are a little OP.