View Full Version : My thoughts on Valk (Yes I read the 'future' patch notes)

02-24-2017, 11:18 PM
The changes they are giving her? GREAT!!

1. I love that they see how hard it is for Valk to land any light attack combo because of the time between attacks, after 1 attack, you can be parried, dodged, or blocked.

2. I love that they notice her recovery time from attacking, being blocked, is ridiculous and valk is punished for it.

3. Increased damage on pounce? GREAT AGAIN!! Peacekeeper for example pounces with a heavy, and after it connects, can apply a bleed. Warlord, he gains armor, you try to trade a hit with him, he comes out on top and isnt staggered because of the armor so can follow up into a nice chain.

A. I think you missed another factor severely hindering valk. That is her stagger time or recovery time from being attacked at all. Honestly, any character than can follow an attack up with an unblockable shove/vortex mechanic, is extremely frustrating. So far in my experience, if nobushi hits me at all, Valks stagger does not allow me to dodge her immediate kick (I see it coming from miles away and dodge it on other characters, even the LB) thus giving Nobushi the free bleed. This is only true damage against valk, every other class can dodge it in a timely manner.

B. With conq as well, because this is Conqs literal only attack sequence besides poking....a heavy into a shield bash, heavy, repeat. Again the Stagger from Valk makes it extremely hard to dodge the next shield bash. While I have dodged the endless chain, its usually after the 2nd shield bash (I want to assume either user input error or the diminishing return effect of some kind).

C. Same as the previous 2, Wardens light into a 50/50, her stagger makes it an extremely small window to dodge the 50/50, or roll the dice and expect him to GB and you CGB.

All of the above listed are from heroes who can start an unblockable chain from a hit (if landed), causing valks extremely long recovery time, ample opportunity for the attacker to spam till exhausted, then play defensively.

D. I know its been stated before countless time, but valks Dodge Block compared to other heroes with a glancing ability, is the hardest to pull off. I feel the time to initiate it to perform it correctly, is the smallest window. The risk/reward for a Dodge block vs. Parry isnt even in the same class. If you miss that incredible small window to dodge block their attack for either a crappy guaranteed light attack, or a mediocre bleed; you pay, giving them a free hit + the ability to now chain off of it. Now with an easily timed window to parry their attack that allows you either a free GB which chains into something more rewarding that the bleed dmg/light attack, or you fail at parrying and take the same punishment as you would with the dodge block.

Here simple terms: Either test your reaction time of the gods for 25(I think) dmg or be able to feel relaxed and in control for upwards of 70 dmg. Both return equal damage if failed.

Side note: Dont even get me started on valks Heavy into a shield crush, Valk literally hops in place 3 times, tip-toeing in her jordans, before her charge goes off (Not to mention it doesnt overpower or cancel any other heroes, the rest win over valks).

More side note: Valks blocking is still broken as a mofo, why you gonna hold your shield above your head valk, pretend your about to block, but then the attack goes through (not even the lag coming into play; because with the lag you can see sparks, so you know it was the latency screwing someone over. Val, Nope, Come right in ^_^).

I mained Valk when she was first introduced in the 3rd "Alpha/Tech test", she went through 2 nerfs in that 1 weekend. Yes she was strong. She needed it I dont argue with that. I am also not being like...ohhh my class is underpowered please buff me so I can feel good. I am bringing up valid points across all heroes and their ability to chain, recover, punish, etc other heroes of the same level.

TL;DR: If you need this to argue against me, then your entire comment for me is TL;DR. Read my points, then formulate your opinion and feedback based on them. ^_^