View Full Version : Breakdown of the poor aspects of this game.

02-24-2017, 08:49 PM
I had hoped that this game would be a stable skill based pvp melee game. It would have been revolutionary. But that is not what we are playing.

The maps in this game are flooded with ledges, so much so that many of the throw classes prioritize killing people by shoving them off the nearest ledge. Additionally anyone losing a battle hard may just run to a ledge and try to get lucky. This paired with Guard Break Counter being broken, is not skill based combat. I am guilty of this as well, this is just what the game seems to promote doing.

Additionally features that instant kill players, and the existence of feat reduction gear, seem to promote killing people with abilities that "nearly" one shot players. This is not skill.

Skill is also reduced by gear requirements. Gear matters in this game, it is not a fair trade off especially after Prestige 3.

Spammable chains are also not skill. These include...

Warden Shoulder Bash
Conqueror Shield Bash Mixup
Lawbringer the Long Arm
Warlord Headbutt
Valykrie Shield Crush to Spear Sweep
Shugoki Demon's Embrace

These abilities seem to completely disable a player. Some of them can be escaped if you dodge roll, assuming you have the stamina to do so.

The game appears to be lacking content. Multiplayer has 3 modes and not a large variety of customization since gear and feats are the only thing you can customize, and only work in half of the modes. I believe this game will market itself like another "The Division" title, where content was lacking at launch and introduced later, much requiring purchasing additional DLC.

This game is not exactly stable. While I've experienced worse a lot of the problems that I do experience I have complained about since the closed beta. This involves constantly getting kicked from active games, the game freezing when leaving a lobby, groups disbanding fully or partially when leaving or starting games, the game finding a match that is already full... etc...

All of us hate P2P. Despite this Ubisoft implemented it.
The current system advertises your IP to everyone you are playing with. This creates room for some security concerns.

If you've took enough time to find this image...
Then you might think that the game is using a multicast implementation of sending player data to every player in your game, reducing the load on your network by sending a single stream of data instead of multiple. If you've opened up wireshark, this is not the case. Running wireshark while playing the game will show that every UDP packet UDP Multicast Streams seems very unbusy. With none of the destination ports matching 3074 or 3075 that the game currently appears to be listening on.

While sequential UDP packets are sent to various addresses at the same time with the same length.

Feel free to monitor your NIC utilization while playing the game. The extra bandwidth consumption will cause more problems for people with mediocre connections, or people in higher populated areas. In the traditional model the host gets a heavy hit for network utilization, having to serve all information to all players, however benefits from near zero latency. In this model however everyone takes the network hit and latency appears to work in a way that no one has seen before.

Let me know if there is anything here you think I got wrong, or missed.