View Full Version : Faction War mechanic questions...

02-24-2017, 07:09 PM
So, a lot of people like the idea of the faction war, and there is some us in having it as incentive to play. However, where are the mechanics published? Is there any official rules? Something to help the community understand what happens and why it happens?

I do apologize if I get some of the timing wrong. My questions aren't really about when the cycles happen, more about what the meaning of the end of the cycles has to do with us as players.

Now, to me it seems that all the updates of territories throughout the day, every 6 hours or so, are all but meaningless. Sure, it changes the maps some, but it doesn't seem to matter if a faction has 1 territory or 100 during these updates. I also see how it changes the fronts, and the game modes move around some to different fronts... but what is the point of the territories held during these updates?

Also, the rounds are going to end every 2 weeks. What does that matter? If a faction has 1 territory or 100 territories at the end of the round are there any pros or cons? To me, it seems that the only meaningful "tick" of the faction war will be the last minute of the last round. Is this not the case? Is there meaning to being in the lead or behind at the end of a round?

Now, I see a lot of talk about some "auto-balance" in place. How does this work? Is it based on total faction population? Is it based on active players? (which could give some meaning to the 6 hour updates if the active player numbers are being calculated and this auto-balancer is being adjusted). I disagree with "divine intervention" as it diminishes player achievement. I can understand "divine intervention" from a developer view as trying to keep everyone happy, but you cannot introduce a game mode like this and make every one a winner. 2 out of 3 factions will lose, and everyone in that faction will lose. So what does this "auto-balance" take into account?

The faction war should be based on win % in my opinion. If as a whole, one faction has a higher win rate than the other two, they should dominate the faction war as they are dominating the battles. I don't know if this is the case or not, but it is how I see it working best and it doesn't require faction populations to be taken into account for it to be "fair".