View Full Version : Revenge builds might be unhealthy for the game, but it's definitely pretty fun.

02-24-2017, 04:54 PM
Even against other geared people, when you're outnumbered you have an advantage. Maybe not against really well coordinated people but still. Earlier when your team was ****tier and you were constantly getting ganged up on, it wasn't fun and quite annoying. Now if I get into a 1v2 situation and revenge pops, I can kill one of them before they even get off the ground, and if they're not very reactivate you can just mow down multiple people. Even other geared people are easy to take down, as without revenge they don't stand a chance. Also this is at an 80% winrate so my opponents aren't all a bunch of monkeys.

It definitely feels like it's unhealthy overall, as when I'm against other geared people I won't engage somebody cause I know they'll revenge and kill us, unless you coordinate guard breaks and such carefully. Despite all this though, I've enjoyed the game more simply because getting ganked becomes advantageous and makes it overall more fun.

02-24-2017, 05:45 PM
Gearing for revenge made me go from dreading 3v1 to cherishing those situations. Now I'm under no delusion that max revenge gear isn't OP, but man it is fun getting ganked by mindless zerglings now. Funny thing is, as the days go, I have more and more trouble getting out on top. Seems some players have actually learned how to deal with someone in revenge mode other than yelling WTF OP OP CHEATER in chat.

That said though, revenge gain from 1v1 has got to be toned down not very slightly. (Don't know how people get revenge from 2-3 blocks 1v1 tho, those situations always seem to come from someone else jumping in.)