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02-24-2017, 04:09 PM
Has anyone heard or read anything recently on when we can expect the balance patch to be released?
NOTE: Please see bottom line before posting. Thank you!

The latency-RNG Guard-Break spammIng aside (Since they announced they will be patching it) its almost pointless to play duel mode when its higher tiers are filled with players exploiting classes obviously unrefined gameplay mechanics, mistakes, bugs or exploits. .Take Berserkers exploiting the side rush as an example. It causes them to jerk around at a ridiculous rate. Also Berserkers being able to take the wardens shoulder charge/Shogoki bat smash hit with no stun of any duration while doing this seems like a potential bug/glitch. Kenshis side dash magically moving them in range of a target that isn't even moving in the same direction as the dashing kenshi. EG You double roll left while they are doing a dodge right but some how still move in your direction and practically on top of you most of the time to boot. Its looks/feels like they are lagging and/or rubber banding over to you but it is in fact just an unrefined unpolished mistake made by ubisoft in the development of the placement, animation and behavior of the ability. Its not lag since anyone who pulls it off correctly can do it. The Shogoki back break repeat is guaranteed death with correct timing and only requires spamming 1 ability twice and has no escape if again properly timed.

There are just a ton of problems due to balance in 1v1s in higher tier play. I see absolutely zero-(No) issues with 2v2 or other game modes since other modes have gear and its up to the individual player to adjust accordingly and I don't see an issue with 2v2's since one would think higher tiered teams pick their players to mix strengths while covering one anothers weaknesses. For instance Warden + Nobu teams. Seeing a lot of these in prestige 9+ play right now.

But returning to 1v1 these issues become all the more evident the higher prestige you climb. I think the most notable issue is probably with the Berserkers dash on top of it eating stuns on a regular basis is they continue attacking even while being hit. Whats more is parrying these hits does not stun the Berserker either. They just continue attacking. Since the Berserker has a higher stamina pool than specific classes it makes this an almost guaranteed win since they can just spam it until targets die. I have done extensive testing with two different friends and aside from Shogoki some how grabbing them for a back crack no other class has anyway to interrupt or counter this unless they have a superior stamina pool. There are obviously a few other combos out there some even officially stated in interviews as being more powerful than intended but this is the one I am focusing on for the sake of keeping this post simple.

Orochi can't deal with this if no mistakes are made on either side because I either dodge / block / parry all their attacks and I'm out of stamina and they still have enough left to regen halfway and chunk me by 70-80% before I have stamina back again or just die outright. My Warden has got the same issue. Blocking, parrying and dodging all attacks and Berserkers still have enough stamina to repeat. I have no problems on my Nobu or my Raider but they both possess a default superior stamina to Berserkers the same way Berserkers do to Orochi and Warden for sake of cross examination. So out parry/dodging/blocking them is just a matter of resources unless I screw up. Which I do once in a while but not often.

Mind you the above examples are during fights with which both players made no mistakes. Mistakes do happen in most fights on one side or another but this goes to show that specific classes have a very significant advantage in 1v1.

Bottom line balance changes are needed in 1v1 for specific match ups. Until then its going to be Spin-2-godmode Zerkers, Serpent Retreat combo Nobu, CC-Rush Shogoki and Scoop&Slash Lawbringers in the meta. There is a point at which when both players reach a sort of skill cap one class just trumps another. Sure you can still edge people but thats more a matter of RNG with the way counter-GB is functioning at the moment. Also if they are not going to balance at least stamina amounts in duels then its not a competitive setting anyway. In which case add in gear as an option. It would allow people to customize their equipment to cover the negatives of their class. Which is the reason they used to justify adding gear into the game initially anyway. Until this point more and more players will begin moving to these easy to use combos simply because they are incredibly broken, easy to use and quite simply put in most cases rotational spam. Which will significantly shrink the size of the player base if/when this becomes the norm as it has many many other games of the same ilk. It will undoubtedly survive with this shrunken base but not as the great feat in modern game production many of us hoped it would be / is now. Until such time as balance is meted out I suppose if you want to play on the top tiers of the player base no skill are really required aside from common sense. Just learn one of the aforementioned fixed spammable-rotations or research other broken ones and find one that your least bored using and spam away. Personally I will be going back to Nobu. See you all out there.

Unrelated as it may be several friends and I ended up buying For Honor over our better judgement since Ubisoft did a phenomenal job on Rainbow 6 Siege. As difficult as it was initially for them to combat all the bugs, glitches and cheating scum that plagued it in its first 6-8 months. They persevered. Heres hoping they take that same attitude and new found respect for us players and do For Honor the "Justice and HONOR it deserves".

Also a quick side note for Warden vs Warden. Everyone thinks Vortex is the current meta. At least in 1v1s this is not the case. If you block 2-3 attacks and let them vortex you non-stop the enemy warden Stamina's out and you can just grab heavy attack grab heavy attack. They will not regain enough stamina before they die. Any class with a health-pool larger than wardens can do this as well. Also for those who may be wondering each class does indeed have its own specific stats For Health, Stamina, Block Resistance, etc. Easily seen through tests.

Please feel free to contribute below if you have anything constructive to help with this discussion. Also I rarely ever respond to comments made on this forum. This is more to stimulate discussion than anything else. So please keep the thread focused. Thanks.