View Full Version : Raider buffs suggestions

02-24-2017, 03:30 PM
Well, most players know that the Raider lacks something to be effective in high level play. He needs to feint and parry a lot to deal damage, but that's something every other Hero can do. For example, the Warlord benefits a lot from parrying an attack, and has a lot of options after the free guardbreak. The Raider can only light attack if your enemy isn't out of stamina. My problem with the Raider is: he's too predictable and he doesn't get rewarded for defensive play.

-Allow Stunning Tap to have side stances and make it top unblockable after an attack (so you can at least surprise you opponent a bit more and apply more pressure).
-Allow Raider Fury (unblockable) to have another side stance instead of only one, for a bit more variety.
-Either buff his light attack damage a bit OR reduce side heavy damage so you can guardbreak and follow up with a side heavy.
-Make his heavy attacks uninterruptable so he can at least trade (just like the Warlord). I mean, how a dude with a sword can have uninterruptable heavy attacks while a dude with a freaking huge battleaxe can't?

Those are my suggestions. Feel free to leave yours here or b**** about the Raider because you get wrecked by a few of them.

02-24-2017, 03:55 PM
Im totally agree with you. These are very good suggestions. I always watching the forum and hope i see Raider got some love, but it always disappoints me :/ It is so sad but i still belive Ubisoft will do something about the Raider