View Full Version : Issues that need to be resolved ASAP

02-24-2017, 12:33 PM
This is not about dedicated servers since there are many threads about that already, but rather about three key issues that are so logical it hurts not to see in the game.

1) Looking for a game and getting the error message that you couldn't join because the match was full. like seriously why is that a thing? just look for another game then instead of making me click "OK" and have to look for another game. seems like a straightforward feature to me.

2) Looking for a game in a group or being in a game already and getting kicked due to network errors, but the group splits up. Network errors can happen, sure.. but don't split the group up when it does. automatically rejoin the group to save the hassle of having to invite everybody back.

3) Not being able to select the game mode you want to actually play. How many times have you tried looking for an elimination match (while having it preferred) and still end up in a skirmish? Why can be only prefer a game mode? how about just outright selecting which one you want to play and then waiting however long it takes to get into that mode.

P.S: I main the Orochi and I can never ever counter guard breaks. Many other Orochis have the same issue. If i play a Lawbringer though i can always counter the guard break, it's like there is a greater window of opportunity there, but the Orochi has none basically.

P.P.S: When I dodge backwards just as someone is guard breaking me it still hits, even if I'm already very far away from him. Dodging a guard break should make the guard break miss. This makes me so salty every time it happens

If these things are fixed in an upcoming patch it would make the game 10x more bearable. We pay so much money to play the game and are then hit by one stupid game design after another, that if you got any group of people playing for 30 minutes would notice the faults.

02-24-2017, 01:58 PM
Elimination/Skirmish: Having set my preferred mode and then making sure I map vote for the mode I want to play at the change, I have never been forced to play a mode I didn't want. Technically I guess you could get outvoted, but I've never even seen anyone but my teammate also vote.

A lot of Orochi failure to counter gb is either from getting staggered or committing to an attack that leaves you in a state where you can't follow up for a second. I main Orochi as well and I've had to take a hard look at why I have such a low rate of GBC...doesn't help that we're also looking for opportunity to deflect and you lose that split second of reaction time.

Definitely needs tweaks but those items you can at least do something about...the network persistence stuff is definitely annoying. The MOST annoying thing is when you get kicked from a match for too few people or network error and you can't properly communicate with other clients anymore, be it failed attempts to add friends to group or constant failures to load into games. I am pretty sick of having to completely reboot the game, on a bad night it could be 5-6 times.