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Chapter 1 - Retribution

The Knights rejoiced, their Samurai enemy badly beaten and in full retreat. The Knights continued deeper within The Myre towards the Samurai, and would faintly hear a "Valhalla!" screamed far away. Warden nodded his head and said, "Vikings. Glad they are on our side". His Conqueror companion agreed and shook his boot violently, removing a large amount of swamp sludge. "I hate this damn place." he murmured, but the thought of slaying the Samurai kept his spirits high and the Samurai capital of Koto lay not far now. The sound of a branch snapping is heard not far from the Knights, and then silence. A silence that felt like forever, but became as loud as a raging storm on the high seas in an instant.

A thousand arrows, descended upon the Knights. Screaming and the sound of men choking on their own blood caused many of the Knights to stand in complete shock. Suddenly, a wave of Samurai warriors moved through the trees and ankle deep swamp muck like ghosts, cutting down all within their path. "Retreat!" yelled Warden, "Retreat!" The Knights scrambled backwards, some dropped their swords, while others trampled their brothers-in-arms to death. Many Knights died upon that God-forsaken land while fleeing, but the exit out of the swamp was near. "We're almost out! Keep running men!" Warden screamed. What they assumed was their salvation, was in fact their death.

Hordes of angry, bearded Vikings were waiting for them, axes in hand. The Warden thought that their once ally was there to help them fight the Samurai. He was wrong. A large man, wielding a Dane Axe stepped forward. "You are a Raider! Legendary!" said Warden as he collapsed to his knees from exhaustion. "Valhalla!" cheered the Vikings as they ran towards the bloody and broken Knights. The Raider swung the shaft of his ax, hitting the Warden squarely on his head. As Warden started to lose consciousness, he saw his friends and companions being cleaved to death by these bearded savages. Warden thought to himself, "Why have you forsaken me? Oh mighty Ubisoft! Deliver us from this evil! Spare us!" his eyes finally shut, and the once loud battlefield become nothing but a silent graveyard for the once noble Knights.

Chapter 2 - Vengeance

The scent of blood was thick in the air, a familiar smell to the mighty Raider. His shield-brothers cheered and laughed as they looted the corpses of the dead Knights. "How do I look?" muffled a viking who was wearing Warden's helmet. "Like a damn idiot!" laughed Raider as he struck the shoulder of his old friend, Berserker. They laughed and embraced each other as brothers, but Berserker seemed a little on edge. "What's wrong? We won! The Halls of Valhalla will wait one more day for our presence, that'll give them more time to crack open more barrels of mead!" Raider cheered, a few Vikings within ear-shot did as well. "Weren't the Knights beating the weak Samurai? Why were they running so quickly from the swamp?" Berserker asked, his voice low. He didn't want to seem like a coward to the men nearby, or stop their merriment. "Could the Samu..." before he could finish, an arrow pierced the left eye of one of the Vikings nearby. He writhed in pain, clutching the shaft of the arrow and kicking sporadically. The Vikings quickly moved into a shield wall, preparing for more arrows to come. They waited for what felt like an eternity, but no more arrows came. Instead, what they received was a loud horn being blown, and the sound of hundreds of boots hitting the ground. The Samurai were here, and they wanted one thing. Vengeance.

"Valhalla awaits! Have no fear, for if you die in battle Odin himself will greet you!" Raider yelled. His men cheered and prepared for the swarm of Samurai who were charging them. A huge Samurai shoved his way past his much smaller friends. "Shugoki!" yelled Berserker, "Brace!" The Shugoki swung his massive kanabo, crushing the shield of one Viking, killing him on impact, while throwing two other Vikings off their feet. The shield wall started crumbling under the relentless attacks by the Shugoki. Each stab of the Viking's swords seemed to do nothing to do nothing to this man... this demon. The Vikings broke rank, some fled, but most stood their ground and battled with the smaller Samurai. Raider yelled, "Fight me! Fight me, you fat idiot!" The Shugoki paused for a moment, his kanabo hovering above a bloody and pleading Viking. He laughed, and slammed the kanabo into the Viking's head, causing it to explode like a soft melon. The Shugoki slowly walked towards Raider, blood dripping from his weapon, his breathing loud and heavy, such as a bull ready to charge. Raider prepared himself, he knew he was in for the fight of his life. 'Finally, a worthy foe' he thought to himself as he tightly clutched his axe.

Shugoki swung from the top, nearly hitting Raider, who at the last moment raised his axe to block the blow, but was knocked off his feet from the force. He quickly rolled to the left, avoiding another blow. He quickly got to his feet and smashed the end of his axe into the Shugoki's face, dazing him. Shugoki raised a hand to his face out of instinct and swung his kanabo blindly out of desperation. Raider was easily able to avoid it, and followed up with a wide swing as hard as he could, slamming the head of the axe deep into the side of the Shugoki. A load crack is heard as many of the Shugoki's ribs were broken, or completely split. He stared in shock at the Raider as blood began pooling out around the axe that was embedded in him. He slowly slouched forward, and hit the mud with a sound thud. Before Raider could celebrate his victory, Berserker grabbed his shoulder and jerked him backwards. "We need to go!" he yelled at Raider. Raider had been oblivious to the situation around him, they were being cut down quickly by the Samurai. He made the decision to grab his horn and blow it, signaling the retreat. The Vikings quickly ran for their lives, the Samurai behind them cheered, one could be heard yelling, "Get out of my swamp!" It was the Daimyo of the Fujiwara clan. A legendary Kensei who managed to unit the clans against their common foes. Raider knew he had made the right call at that moment. He wouldn't die here, far from home. No, he'd gather a force so large and powerful that not even the Samurai could stand against them. Odin's fabled halls would have to wait, this war wasn't over yet.

Chapter 3 - Strangers in a Strange Land

The Samurai quickly constructed a network of garrisons and fortification along their northern border to keep any small Viking warbands from raiding their supply lines as they pushed west, towards Ashfeld. The Knights were beaten, now came the time for the Samurai to capitalize on this. They planned on taking the much needed iron and stone deposits that the Knights had been protecting for a thousand years. A small expeditionary force was tasked with finding suitable lands for the Samurai to establish strongholds and trading posts within Ashfeld. The force, known as "Onryō" was led by a man named Katamori, an Orochi of immense skill, who was rumored to have killed a hundred men, by simply spinning at them. The Onryō were ready, willing, and able to bring glory to the Empire.

Katamori and his band of warriors pushed deep into Ashfeld. During their month long journey, they encountered minimal resistance from the scared and defenseless populace of Ashfeld. They found an abandoned castle that was in desperate need of repair and made that their base of operations. They fortified the walls with makeshift wooden barriers and began raiding nearby villages to stock the old storehouse. This obviously angered the villagers, but Katamori wasn't interested in the pleas of these people, they were meant to be conquered, not coddled, and he was going to keep it that way. Small forces of Samurai and peasants began moving into Ashfeld, further solidifying their claim on this new land. They forcefully removed the original inhabitants of the land, garrisoned their villages, and began constructing trade routes back to the Myre. Everything seemed to be going incredibly smooth, or so they thought.

Another month passed and the angered and oppressed villagers began meeting in secret, devising plans on striking at the Samurai invaders. They met with other villages that were deeper into Ashfeld, and had no contact with the Samurai and warned them what was to come, unless they would band together and drive the invader from their home. Many young men and women picked up makeshift weapons, and formed a militia called, "The Defenders of Ashfeld". They would stage small scale guerrilla operations on Samurai caravans, reclaiming stolen goods, weapons, clothing, and food. As a response, the Samurai enacted a stricter occupation policy, stating that anyone who was associated with rebels would be executed, along with their families. This only strengthened the resolve of the rebels, and increased recruitment to their ranks. A few Peacekeepers merged into the ranks, helping to stage assassinations on Samurai officers, and poison water supplies used by the enemy. Their primary target, however, was Katamori himself, who became the military governor of eastern Ashfeld.

The Defenders of Ashfeld created a plan to surround Katamori's castle, which was now called, "Tsuyoi Castle". The Peacekeepers would infiltrate the castle, under cover of night, and place explosives near the front gate, which would detonate first, causing alarm and the rush of castle defenders to the gate. While they were confused, the Peacekeepers would make a small opening in the rear of the castle, allowing the militia to pour through with little to no resistance. Once the forces were inside, they would sneak into the main building, housing Katamori and his personal guard, and would try to strike him directly. Once Katamori was dealt with, the remaining garrison force would either surrender or be outnumbered and die. The plan was made, and ready for deployment. They just needed to wait for the perfect opportunity.

A few days passed, and on a stormy night the Peacekeepers began their infiltration. They scaled the old stone walls, stealthily dispatching any guards in their path. They set the explosives near the gate, and signaled for the force outside the castle to prepare to move into a small tunnel they made under the castle's kitchen. The Peacekeepers moved towards the kitchen, as one of the explosives detonated, causing alarm for the garrison forces. Everything was going according to plan, a force of about twenty men had already made it through the tunnel, and more were on the way. The Peacekeepers took fifteen of the men, and left five behind to guard, and continued into the keep.

One guard was inside the throne room, hastily putting on his equipment he didn't notice the men rushing him until it was too late. He barely managed to draw his blade before he was clubbed to death by an angry farmer. The rebels ran to a set of stairs behind a wall situated behind the throne and found Katamori's room, guarded by two of his personal guard. They were ready, blades drawn and yelled that rebels had entered the castle. A bell was sporadically rung, loudly signaling to the Samurai that Katamori was in danger. The main door into the throne room was heard being slammed open, and loud footsteps flooded the hall with deep thuds. The rebels rushed towards the two guards, knowing that this was their only chance to kill Katamori. They managed to kill the two guards, but lost seven men in the process. The rebels kicked open the door and saw an empty room, Katamori wasn't there. Loud yelling came from behind them, it was the Samurai. The rebels set down their weapons, completely stunned that their assassination plan had failed, and surrendered to the Samurai.

They were beaten and dragged out of the throne room and taken into the courtyard of the castle. There they saw a man, wearing elegant armor with large smile on his face. It was Katamori, and next to him one of the rebels. They had been betrayed by one of their own. As they were forced closer to Katamori, they heard cheering and turned to see their comrades being dragged out of the kitchen. They expected to be executed, but while Katamori was addressing these "traitors" he was struck with a crossbow bolt, piercing his neck and causing him to fall to the ground, clawing at his neck as he choked on his own blood. Some of the Peacekeepers came out from hiding and began killing every Samurai they could. The rebels took this opportunity to turn against their captors, and started beating them to death and taking weapons in the confusion. The remaining Samurai ran for the destroyed gate, but met a force of rebels that had been waiting. The Samurai surrendered, but were offered no quarter. They were executed, and their heads were set along the newly constructed roads, warning the Samurai that they would meet the same fate if they dared ventured into Ashfeld.

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Hey Stubbamoto - while I love a good fanfic and I'd love to see you continue the story, I'm going to move this over into into it's new home in community content :D Keep it up!

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