View Full Version : When describing classes, try to stop using the word "is".

02-24-2017, 09:36 AM
This post contains a friendly, out-of-game suggestion that people might find useful when arguing about what a class/game mode/feature "is" and "isn't".

For anyone familiar with the term English-Prime (or E-Prime), you probably know already. For those who have no idea, here's a small suggestion:

Every language has a Prime form. In English, the Prime form derives from banning the verb "to be" in all tenses and uses. You will find this very hard to accomplish, initially. You might have to practice in written form, as it becomes easier to substitute the verb with something else. In spoken English (or any other language) using the Prime form takes quite a lot of getting accustomed to. However, if you manage to realize the impact this has on how you express yourself (and in time, how you perceive the world itself), you may agree, Prime languages can solve EVERY argument, without going into insults and more importantly without reaching dead ends.

Example (plain English):

Bob: "The PK is a no-good, piece of crap, OP, noob class"
Richard: "No she isn't".

Result: A dead end which can only be solved with pushing and shoving endlessly.

This represents your common argument in this forum (possibly every forum, ever, in the history of everything).

Example 2 (English Prime):

Bob: "It seems to me that the PK class has a kit that makes average players overpower players with greater skill. She requires no effort to win duels"
Richard: "After practicing a lot against her, I agree with you, however with a little experiece, I'm sure you can learn how to counter most of her moveset"

Result: Constructive dialogue.

Using the Prime form has a lot of positive merits that people almost never come in contact with. Trust me when I say, you will find yourself in situations when reverting to a Prime form can help you resolve almost everything.

I hope this post helped even a small percentage of people with how they can present an argument, not just in this forum, but in every situation.

I wrote this post in E-Prime, using "is" only inside quotation marks ;)