View Full Version : How to counter Lawbringer's endless push into guardbreak

02-24-2017, 07:40 AM
To counter shove(orange push) you have to dodge to the side, just as with shield and shoulder bashes or nobushi's leg push, after that you are safe and can either attack or guardbreak.

If you fail to dodge shove(if it was after a block for example), the guardbreak that may follow it can be countered JUST AS ANY USUAL GUARDBREAK. It is not guaranteed and does not have a larger success chance like post-parry guardbreak.

Instead of a guardbreak, Lawbringer can attack you after the shove, or even use a 'long arm' ability (flaming poke that throws you over his shoulder). Long arm can super-easily be dodged or interrupted by a light attack; the attacks can be blocked, parried or dodged, only difference is that they are considered to be a 2nd element of his attack combos instead of 1st, they still are slow enough to react due to the fact that all his combos are slow.

I hope this will decrease the number of forum users who say that Lawbringer is not underpowered because he has this "infinite combo" :nonchalance:

02-24-2017, 01:27 PM
There are so many other things more dangerous than a lawbringer's shove strat. With proper timing and defenses you can Damn near render a lawbringer useless (this is with 1v1 in mind). Against quick and evasive characters/players, it can be a royal pain the *** not to get stomped on (gotta love that slow stance change).