View Full Version : Where is the Response to the Community

02-24-2017, 07:00 AM
It is too often these days that video game developers neglect to communicate with their player base. It seems the video game industry has degraded into conglomerates whose focus is entirely on a money grab that exploits gamers. At least since the latest generations of consoles, (xb1, ps4), game publishers such as Ubisoft, Activision, Electronic Arts, etc. have spent the majority of their budget on marketing the game instead of quality of product. Creating a game that every gamer wants to play, but few games that actually live up to their expectations. I realize that this is the new age of gaming in which we must accept the final product of the subpar game along with it's $100 price tag for full content and greedy microtransactions, and many of you are saying to quit *****in', but it is high time that we as consumers put a stop to this market of exploitation. However, as a realist, I realize this will not happen, so I only ask that we at the least have some communication from our devs. What the **** is going on? Why is the state of the game so unstable and near unplayable? We, as the loyal For Honor community, deserve to be informed on the problems and expected resolutions, and have said resolutions put forth in a timely manner. Otherwise, this game, that could be great, maybe fantastic and even an eSport, will be as forgettable as Evolve, Titanfall (1), and many others. This is just the rant of a dissapointed, disenchanted, weary gamer who is tired of being taken advantage of by the big name video game publishers who are too busy counting their money to address the problems with their games.