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02-24-2017, 05:28 AM
Ubisoft please stop taking the PISS!!!!!!! I have called you people on a number of times and I keep getting thobbed of with the same bull ****, (oh we will pass your comments onto the developers!!!) You can not keep on taking people's hard earned dough and be providing them with horse ****!!! Please don't forget yourself's it's people like us who buy your games that are helping to put food on your table and a roof over your heads, because if we wasn't buying your games then you probably have no company named Ubisoft to sell such crap!! It's been over a year and you still have not dealt with RB6 severs which now need addressing as a matter of serious urgency!!!!!!!! If it's a matter of you guys just being dam tight and not wanting to spending the money to resolve these issues then at least show your customers some love and give us some kind of connection check before we enter into a match so we have the choose to leave the room just like EA Sports have done with Fifa!! You can not continue to treat your good and loyal customers like this by giving us a **** platform to play on enough is enough here now Ubisoft!! this has been going on over a year!!! It needs sorting!!!!