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02-24-2017, 05:05 AM
Anyone that sees or agrees with anything said on here should do a little shout out to Ubisoft so that we can get a couple of these problems fixed.

I've noticed some game play and several small non-game play issues. I'm making this forum in hopes that we can try to bring to light these problems. The game play issues I've seen so far are:

1. Grabbing is far too powerful because the timing in order to stop a grab is hazy and unclear.

2. Grabbing when done at the same time rarely cancels each other out. (That being said if out of stamina it would make sense that the person not would get priority)

3. When people join a game the damage done by the bot should be reset since the player coming in has full health and thus a unfair advantage.

4. When Lawbringer or Raider do stampede charge, or the equivalent of, it should constantly be taking stamina as it is used so as to balance the use of it. I think it would be smart that if they run out the move stops but the player still falls to the ground.

A few of the non-game play issues if found is that:

1. In the after game menu if you dismantle a equipment piece it resets making it difficult to dismantle another equipment.

2. When joining a ongoing game stat loss should be stopped so that if going into a game that is almost over the player doesn't get a unjust loss added to his win/loss ratio.

If anyone else finds something or wants to discuss because of difference of opinion I'll try to remember to check back every once and a awhile.

02-24-2017, 05:11 AM
1. I agree, this is a game with swords, axes, and spears and everyone is basically trying to secure a grab because that's how to do the most damage right now.

2. This is being fixed in the first gameplay patch.

3. This is being fixed in the first gameplay patch.

4. Disagree, both heroes are pretty weak right now so gimping them in anyway is a bad idea, they need buffs if anything.

02-24-2017, 05:44 AM
I could see them getting more combos and a speed boost but the characters charge need to be shortened or a bigger stamina usage