View Full Version : Put an END to the DUELIST Code of Honor and cycle of Hatred

02-24-2017, 03:42 AM
Some people have put a notion of "Honor" in the act of waiting for other people end their duel.

This is counter productive and people can abuse that sytem. Let me explain.

- The game was intended for strategy like trying to rez teamate, making sure to Terminate you kill so theres no Rez available. Ranked will make people use those option so they get to win, if you dont practice that you will lose in term of experience when the Ranking system (if it become available) start.

- It make you refrain to use your full potential : Example. Pushing people down a cliff theres no honor in it. Ok then ima go and put my back again a cliff, so if you use your every push back like (Shoulder Bash, Headbut ext) Ima fall and you have No Honor so its your fault. Your only option then to stay 'Honorable' is not using your skill so the guy dont fall down a cliff. Some people use this at their advantage. Some class get underpowered cause of it, since class like Lawbringer get a strong buff from taking environnement kill into their game.

- It make people rage for no reason. : You get push down a ledge (INJUSTICE NO HONOR!), I got 2v1 into a brawl (same thing). Accept its part of the mode your playing and you wont get frustrated since you too will be taking advantage of it.

And Finally, for me to giving my max again an opponent is not Honorable at all.

I've played with that so called code of Honor, and I got frustrated for no good reason like many people. Im not using it anymore and now i dont get frustrated cause of an environnement kill because I too try to do it so its EVEN.

It make people frustrated, make the chat and community salty.

Play the Honorable way, play with all your tool to your full potential. I think it will make people gaming time more enjoyable.

PS: Yeah english is not my main language so if you share my opinion and think this post is worth a good translation plz feel free to replicate..
PS#2: If you like the Duel Code of Honor just use it but imo you shouldnts get angry and respect people that want to play the full game.
PS#3 : Be mature if you dont share my point of view.

02-24-2017, 02:46 PM
I understand and respect everything you said except pushing people off cliffs. One thing is in the heat of the battle take that opportunity or against a 2v1 or 3v1; for all means go for it. But just aiming to throw your opponent at the start of the battle just to get that quick win is just plain dumb. It's cheap, annoying, and it let everybody knows you lack the skills to actually put up a fight. Running away from the battle to lure your opponent to a cliff it's just pathetic.

Now, it doesn't matter how you play in 2v2 or 4v4. If you want to wait or join in and gank, go for it. I personally like a challenge, so I like to wait when I'm 2v2.

Like you stated, strategy is key in this game, but just throwing off cliffs is not strategy.

And people will ***** about anything honestly, especially if you're too good dueling.

02-24-2017, 03:03 PM
In 2v2 I'm going to duel my guy and then wait for you and your enemy to finish fighting. If you are killed I will avenge you. If the your enemy kills you before I kill my enemy and then they both attack me I will show them no mercy during the next round.

If you're mad at me because you can't win at a 1v1 than you need to git gud.

This! Thank you! And then beat them with their same tactic and spam emote!