View Full Version : Green Grip Keyboard Only Discussion!

02-24-2017, 03:24 AM
Hi, I'm Gentleman Green, a p9 Orochi duel/brawl player!

I'd like to start a discussion on keyboard only controls, I switched all 6 mouse commands (Light, Heavy, GB, Left Block, Up Block, Right Block) to the keyboard.

These are my keybinds:
LATK: Numpad 0
HATK: Numpad +
LGRD: Numpad 4
RGRD: Numpad 9
UGRD: Numpad 8
GB: Shift
Sprint: Alt
Cycle Targets: Tab
Other keybindings are default

I messed around with other keybinds, but if you don't have a gaming keyboard, you might have input problems when pressing more than 4 keybinds.

The biggest problem I have with the keyboard only controls is camera control in roam/free mode, since you can't bind camera control on the keyboard, and camera control is crucial when playing anything that's not a 1v1, it is almost impossible to use. Pressing *only* A or D will turn the camera fairly fast, but if you press A+W or D+W the camera barely turns, it's not reliable for competitive play.

Suggestion: It'd be nice to bind camera controls on the keyboard OR have the current guard bindings also affect camera direction in roam/free mode.

Gentleman Green