View Full Version : Connection error connection error!!!! Ahhh!!

02-24-2017, 01:54 AM
First off, I understand that the game is new and things are still being tweaked. I completly understand that. What was the point of an alpha and a beta if not to identify and fix these freaking problems? I cannot even play a game without getting disconected with "a connection error has occurred" Ubisoft I bought and played your last game the division. Want to know how long I kept it for? I tossed that pile of garbage back at GameStop. What a mess. Seems like you guys are in the buisness of only making money with bugged releases and not even playable games. If that is how things work for you then I will boycott your company and for honor completely. Your company knows that a negative review or unhappy customers spread the word to 10 people. Compared to a happy review or happy customers only spread the word to 5 people. I will tell every gamer I know not to buy this game or another ubisoft game ever again. I love this game so far and have been a fan of yours for many years. Maybe dedicated servers would have forgone these rediculous issues but apparently all you were after was boosting you stock value. I will indeed give you time to mitigate this and fix this for your companys reputation.

A very disappointed fan