View Full Version : Can we get back the beta?

02-23-2017, 10:23 PM
Me and my 6 friends are done of playing assassin's creed online

9th day and the conexion problems are still there.

so everyone play assassins classes since the game cannot register the block,
they just need to hit left-right-left continiously. some games it block very well, the other you got perfect.
Its not a balance issue. its a delay issue but you cant even tell us if you will fix it!

But thats only if you find a game fisrt, because if you are a group of 3, you CANT find a game.
so instead of doing a group of 4 and 3 to play. Me and my friends need to do a group of 4 , one of 2 and the other one need to play alone.

the beta was nearly perfect but you managed to ****ed all in only 2 days, but you cant fix it in 9?

I tell you, soon, the only classe we will see is only assassin(orochi, peacekeeper, berserk) and wardens or anyone that attack fast enough.

A great game with good balance and great characters, but your lack of communication is is shortening the longetivity of this game