View Full Version : Why any Community Manager does not answer about any P2P refference?

02-23-2017, 02:42 PM
Good afternoon everyone,

Well, it's a really simple question that everyone would love to get answered. Since the start of this game there are like several posts about the same issue. The P2P in 2017 on a 60 or even 70 dollars game for 3 plataforms: XboxOne, PS4 and PC.

That's a lot and enough money to proceed on adding some good quality servers on a game that it's based on milisecond reflexes like in a FPS. Also on a P2P interchange you are kinda endangering your IP to those who have the enough knowledge and it's really easy to get a DDoS attack on this kind of "servers" so if you sometimes get shut down don't get impressed at all because it was called to happen anytime, let's not talk about the liberty that real cheaters can have here.

It seems that it's not enough to stab you 10 euros for 10k steel that are really worthless so you can unlock the content that you though you paid before with your 70 euro that you have to deal with things like the P2P connection in 2017, excuse me it's more like P2P disconnections - rollbacks - teleports - freezings - fps killer or whatever you want to add, a season pass since the game came out for the value of "ONLY" 40 euros for 6 champions but "hey you can enjoy them before anyone else", that cheap anticheat system that kicks you from the game every 10 min... i mean, it's there something good except of the concept of the game? Because the management it's awful since the start.

Let's say the average person that buy this game spend 70 euros on console. Okay we got 70 euros, now add the season pass for the gamers that really loves it and want to spend more time on it and are looking for the future of the game. There we go, 110 euros. Now buy some steel because hey i like that skin that worth only 15k steel and have some cool effects and keep adding more...

It's a 100+ euros COMPETITIVE game that doesn't even have a dedicated server to being properly played and is using cheap strategies to save money where it should not save and should invert. Anyway i saw better games getting destroyed by this things and it would be a shame that this good game is going to take the same path with such poor and selfish management.

So that's why i'm asking, why is no one getting answers about "MAYBE" the idea of getting dedicated servers? There are free games that use servers.