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02-23-2017, 10:02 AM
Hey everyone!

I see that there is a high demand for servers for the game! That would be cool but let's look at the situation at hand.

I'm playing on wifi in my basement. The router is upstairs. I've only experienced true roll back 3 times. Yes 3.

There are many factors that go into causing it. Personally my connection typically doesn't allow for rollback to take place (unless I'm playing sfv lmao diff. Story)
I always have yellow nat type as well.

Many people need to wire in their consoles. Get closer to the router. They need to address the same issue you are accusing ubisoft of creating.

They didn't make your mom put the router across the house.

It sucks to see all these people missing out on the truly great time my house is having with this game. Come on guys for honor is popping!

Is their salt?! Oh hell yeah! But we overcome it ourselves. We look for answers to our problems ourselves.

If you have a tin can and a hamster powering your internet, servers aren't gonna help at all fam. Trust me.

02-23-2017, 11:12 AM
I don't think you're close to understanding how it works, but:

What's more reasonable, asking the people with less stable connection to "move closer to their router"/"wire in their consoles" (which definitely will only solve the problem in some specific cases that don't make up for the majority), or ask the company who we've paid for this game to give us some dedicated servers?

Yes, it's not their fault someone's mom put the router across the house. It's their fault, however, for choosing the peer to peer system and not designing dedicated matches. If someone dc's due to some poor decisions Ubisoft made, he should at least be able to reconnect to the same match 100% and have his place open, instead of what they currently have.

It's definitely not about what's powering your internet. Sometimes it's just about the ports you have open, sometimes it's not having a static IP address, having the dedicated servers that were tested and built to handle all the separate matches are definitely going to help, unlike expecting every player to be an IT pro and fix all the issues with their setup if it suddenly turns out they're doomed by the strict NAT.

Also, I've seen a nice FAQ or support question/answer recently. It went something like:
Question: Some of my friends have strict NAT and the matchmaking is noticeably slower when I play with them, moreover, they have a lot of disconnecting problems in game, leaving me to a disadvantage. Is there any possible solution to the NAT problem?
Solution: Opt to play with the friends who have open NAT.

Basically, dump your red friends and next time you have an interesting encounter with someone and want to continue the relationship, don't forget to ask them if they have a strict NAT. Maybe the friendship is doomed from the start after all.