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02-23-2017, 05:49 AM
Alright, I have no degree in business or anything of the sort but, I can't help but feel that For Honor's short coming are a result of Ubisoft wanting to stick to publishing the same stale MMS (modern military shooters). Here's my reasoning.

First off, there are two sides to making the game, the developer and the publisher. If the developer makes a multiplayer game, it's the publishers that create dedicated servers for the players to play on. But that costs money. If the publisher doesn't want to give a game dedicated servers (IE: not spend money on it) the game will have to fall back upon P2P connections. Publishers hold the leash on developers. If they say they don't want split screen because they feel that it won't help, the developer has to comply.

Second: the market of military shooters. We've seen it before. A fresh new game comes out with a sequel and it is more like Call of Duty than anything else. Because of market. They look at sales, say "Hey, these first person action military shooters make lots of bank so we must stick to that formula every time", and soon we get stale remakes of the same genre. Very rarely do we see a new thing come out, only remakes of old. For Honor's individual components may be from old things but its amalgamation is a new thing.

I feel that Ubisoft hyped For Honor to make the most money, gave it very little love for being a completely different thing so they don't have to spend much money. And hence why it has stuff like P2P connections and why they removed split screen

02-23-2017, 05:54 AM
You might be on to something. Great food for thought. Cheers!

02-23-2017, 06:16 PM
Considering they reported having their largest alpha response ever for For Honor, I don't think they didn't have faith in it...

But even when it comes to popular titles that aren't MMS, they always get Call-of-Dutified in their sequels. The gaming publishers always try to turn something unique into the old thing no matter how popular it was. The alpha had good feedback but there is no way to turn For Honor into an old thing so they just didn't bother giving it the attention it needed.