View Full Version : You ruined this from beta

02-23-2017, 05:01 AM
Please give me a refund, you guys changed it from beta to release and absolutely ruined any experience I had in beta. There wasn't an ability to spam but for some reason you decided to change it. Guard break is 100% broken, something I'm still trying to figure out why you changed it.
Matchmaking is a joke, my max level guy is rep 2 with an item level of 55. I'm paired every single game with people max item level.
If I'm paired with 2 friends I can't get into a game within 20 mins of searching.
There is no repercussion for people leaving early in a game. So when I play solo I am put in a game that is over halfway and can't be won.

Tldr: you guys ruined this game and I want my money back. I sent in a ticket 3 days ago with zero response. (Except I did get 5k steel because of some magical reason)