View Full Version : High Level Orochi Player (Rep 7)

02-23-2017, 03:55 AM
Hello Honorable Warriors!

I'm TJMcBiggs and I'm an aspiring high level player on For Honor (Ps4).
We're starting a community for Mainly samurai players . We're looking to gather together like minded players who want to grow the For Honor community as a whole on Ps4.

Personally I'm looking to play with very high level players as the ps4 version of For Honor currently has the largest following and playerbase; meaning, there will probably be lots of tournaments held on the ps4 system instead of pc.

If you're interested or just want someone to play with some skilled players you can add me with the information below on any playform!

[B]PSN: TJMcBiggs
Steam: TJMcBiggs
Reputation Level: 6
Main: Orochi (98 &108 armor level)

Twitch: http://twitch.tv/tjmcbiggs
Twitter: http://twitter.com/tjmcbiggs
Facebook: http://facebook.com/tjmcbiggs

Hope to meet a ton of you great players and I'm definitely open to duels!