View Full Version : The revenge and high gear problem.

02-23-2017, 03:30 AM
Honestly i love this game, but im starting to hate it aswell. I have a lot of ours played already and i got tired of my main character and decided to start to play more, what is my surprise when i see myself matched against players that i cant even take them down alone without popping revenge and 2shot me, having gear lvl 0-20 and while the enemy have 108.

Are we suposed to play one character since this game match you with people with the same amount of hours played so we dont get destroyed in most ocassions because before taking the enemy down he pops revenge on a 1 v 1? Are we suposed to suffer till we get prestige 3 and we are not in disadvantage?

The revenge mechanic pooping in 4 hits its a problem, so the matchmaking is.