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02-23-2017, 12:14 AM
Hey Ubisoft,

Before i go on, i will say that i am a game designer myself. This means that i know how hard it is to create a game and i give faulty releases and messy features usually a pass.

I was very excited for this game, pre ordered as soon as i played the second tech test. I played the tech tests and betas for a combined time of more than 48 hours it was amazing! I usually do not pre-order but in this case i figured: 'hey, i tried the game and it's good'.

Sadly the full game release is so buggy/broken/glitchy it's just pathetic, it's worse than some early access games on steam (ok sorry that might be over the top but still, it's bad).
I told myself to go back to the game every 2 days to see if there are improvements, i check up on the forums regularly but i barely see any change. Then i saw the player count (http://www.githyp.com/for-honor-117356/player-count/), in less than 2 weeks half of the players don't even bother logging in anymore.... that's not just because of 'get gud' or steep learning curve, you released a broken game. Having P2P servers and people having to tweak settings or even hardware to play the game decently is just unacceptable for this day and age let alone a full retail price game. Not to mention the gameplay changes you made literally 1 day before release, that's like designer course 1. For people who don't know you should not change things on a whim. (That's usually why it takes a few days/weeks before balance patches/changes are released). I am disregarding any supposed character balancing issues since that is normal for any stat based competetive game.

I am however, quite impressed how you have managed to lure people in and f*ck them over. You screwed me, and lots of people. We were naive enough to pre-order the game, i'm not even able to ask for a refund because digital purchases cannot be refunded as stated in the agreement, which by the way might even be illegal even though you stated it. Although it's probably another 'grey' area.

You prove once again that we, the gaming community, are so easily tricked, lured and deceived.

As a game designer i tell you and everyone else that reads this that this game's state is unacceptable and that the gaming community should not tolerate things like this. You (also a bunch of other AAA companies) make the game industry look like a dirty bag of schemers, and by doing things like this you hurt every other game developer that has a love for creating games.

I do not care that the problems might be fixed in a month, maybe even 3 weeks. You sold a broken product that for some people is on the edge of being unplayable. The worst thing is is that this is not the first time this has happened with you guys.
If you sell someone a new car you are also promising them that there are no core features broken, such as engine failures. Selling someone a car where the engine fails 4/10 times and then telling them there are fixes on the way is unacceptable and is considered against the law.

Selling a game only playable online where the online does not work half of the time is, if we compare it to the last one, illegal. Sadly, the game industry is a 'grey area'.

This post will probably not even tickle Ubisoft's toes, however i do hope that some of you guys reading this will be more cautious when it comes to buying games.

As an ending statement to Ubisoft: Games are a product as any other and thus deserve to be treated as one. Game consumers are consumers as any other and thus also deserve to be treated like one.

Have an amazing day,

o0 DaGnOmE 0o
02-23-2017, 12:17 AM
And you are just figuring this out, now? Welcome to the modern day gaming industry.

03-10-2017, 04:25 AM
looks like we have a game design student on the loose