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02-22-2017, 08:43 PM
(General discussion is this allright?)

I was thinking about making a 1v1 notebord. I find the current system lacking in meny ways. And I do not know if I can take the matches anymore. And im not talking about the dissconects you get sometimes. Im talking about the low avrage "good too pro" player. I understand that people wants to try new picks and might not know them from the inside out. I really do, but why are you getting qued vs me? I want a good fight with experised players on my level or byond.
Are you aswell as me little of a lone wolf. Looking for someone to duel? Keep reading thees are my thoughts on this page.

What we will do here is type our Uplay acounts, what picks we are runing and if you want what you prefered to practise against.
You can look through the post till you find someone you consider "worthy".
In my case: A really insane Peacekeeper, i'd love to play vs that.
Once you find someone you think can be a challange you just add them and ask to duel whenever you both are online. If this isnt what you thought it was. Well do whatever youwant. You might even make some good online buddies.

Try to respect that whever you are dueling somone to keep picking what you agreed on. Im sure your reason to why you are there in the first place is to practise vs some spesific pick.

Pros: You will find mates of the same lvl in time.
If this goes well you might find more then just on of them and you can open up all kinds of cool things such as mini tournaments one day (prayyyy)
Using the chat in Uplay we can write down in our first "contact" what we main so our budd can access that information easily.

Cons: Might go horrible considering the commitment needed to actully add ppl and send them messages. Considering humans have a way of allways taking the easiest path.
You might not be considered good in someones eyes. Wich you will have to soak up too. The matches will obv decide that in time.
There is no gaurantee that the player you are talking to is as good as she/he claims to be. Vise vers.
Hard to find the right time to duel with different time zones / work. But with enought friends on your list someone is gona be there

__________________________________________________ _____________________________
Uplay: drdaniel95
Steam: aros95

My best pick: Warden

Good pick(s): Berserker, Orochi and Nobushi

Prefered oponent to practise: Peacekeeper, Warlord

Easiest matchup: Raider, Berserker. < < Can you prove me wrong?

I rate myself as a strong player, knows the game well. quick reflexes and a long time pvper of aloot of mmo:s mmorpg:s. Come face me in a GRAND duel!
__________________________________________________ ________________________________

Something like this. Not too long nor to short, just right.
Feel free to throw me an invite and duel me. See what you think. I cant garantee my online time, but somday... we ... will CLASH! Are you prepared?!

And let's pray for a ranked system later on!
Dominion isnt 1v1. Im sure you are great there. Im looking for solid 1v1 ^^

Please do leave feedback, is this a great, horrible idea. SHut it down bad? Or keep trying.

I want SOLID duels! Darn it

02-22-2017, 09:37 PM
Bump, just for the sake of it.