View Full Version : Stubborn & Uninformative Matchmaking System

02-22-2017, 06:21 PM
Last night I kept disconnecting for various reasons. One time I was booted out of a match right when the enemy was breaking so I joined another dominion. It tossed me into a match that was already 0/600 so I left. I tried joining a new match 5 times and it tossed me into the same match every time until that match was over. I am getting annoyed being thrown into already losing matches at least half the time when I queue and having to wait for the entire match the load before I can leave. I am also going to leave a match if its a fresh match and I am facing a group of 4 players and I have 3 bots on my team. If you dont get a single player to join before the match starts you are most likely going to be playing the entire match with at least a few bots who cant pull their own weight.

Long story short let us quit matches when we are in hero select, let us see the state of a game in progress in hero select, and do not queue us back into a match if we chose the "Return to World Map" option. I am never going to be like "Well I spent all this time loading the game so I am sure we can come back from a 600 point disadvantage" or "I am sure these bots can beat the players, even though player vs AI matches have an almost 100% win rate". Alt+F4ing in hero select is going to lead to a lot of corrupt game files and will end up wasting a lot of players time when it is the only way to avoid the sometimes outrageous loading times.